The Club at Eddy's Bar by Zoltán Böszörményi -


The Club at Eddy's Bar by Zoltan Boszormenyi


Tamas is the link between the two divergent societies portrayed in this evocative story of human intrigue and ambition, desire and betrayal, commitment and infidelity. As he flees his homeland in Eastern Europe and arrives as a refugee in Canada, Tamas must battle with bureaucracy to set himself free from his past and ensure that his family can join him in his new life. He finds kindness and compassion too along the way as he struggles to learn a new language in an alien place and find the work that will be the key to his future success.


Both societies are dominated by men, sharing dangerous secrets as they strive for success and influence. They underestimate their womenfolk at their peril though, for they too wield power in the hold they have over the men in their lives. As the story spirals between the two societies, one through a fictionalised account and one in the here and now, the reader is struck by the consistency of the human condition, with its frailties and sexual peccadilloes, and brought to the harsh realisation that there is very little that is too horrific to be contemplated in the achievement of desire or the retribution exacted in revenge.


The murder mystery entwined within the society that meets secretly at Eddy's Bar is echoed by the intrigue being played out in Canadian society and as the death toll rises, the story accelerates towards its dramatic and surprising conclusion. This is no ordinary murder mystery. It is a well observed and touchingly accurate portrayal of hope and despair which could take place in any city throughout the world.


Publisher: Phaeton