The Golden Tram III.

The Golden Tram III. (Aranyvillamos harmadik szakasz)

Our Lord

our Lord
if you are indeed
an invention of ours
and we are
creations of yours
then you’ll surely
forgive us that
our own work
did not turn out

Welcome Visitors

Welcome visitors to our town
this is Haydn Square
perhaps it’s unnecessary to mention
it was named after Haydn even though
the composer never came near this place
but the town fathers had heard about him
and decided
to give this square Haydn’s name
after all it sounds prestigious
the ah sound lends itself to lingering
with a soft aye to dissolve into
need I remind you in this fifty thousand square meters 
less sunshine is needed to be imported
from abroad (unfortunately the price of
oxygen doubled just last week) and fewer
glass bell jars are needed for the flowers
but as you can see we have a gorgeous view here
and with this the one minute scheduled for this stop
has expired we thank you for your patience and
wish you a good time for the rest of your stay with us

About My Poem (A versemről)

You want truth?
Good poetry?

My poem does not rhyme
with my destiny.

You want it all?
Or nothing?

Won’t work!
The latter is something
no one poem can hold.

The Past (A volt)

Let someone else confess
what can be confessed!
Sincerity is not the same
as truth.
Excitable times?
We’ve  had it a lot more
exciting before,
but it never led to
anything better.

Afternoon Light (A delután fénye)

The past does not yet
belong to the past.

A child splashing
in time.

The afternoon light
sieves you too,
how splendid this nothingness,

what pleasure
to sneak out of the universe,
to worship this scene
kneeling behind a verse.

The Ghost (Kisértet)

I ran away from a thought,
and the though did not run after me.
No one came upon me today either,
the whips of emptiness did not urge me on,
my body was not racked by fever, spleen,
and yet the small teeth of worry are
grinding me to crumbs,
trouble opens up more trouble from trouble,
among ghosts I am also a ghost.

Get Undressed! (Vetkőzz le!)

Get undressed
and bathe in dew.
Uncover your body,
let me see just you!

You couldn’t get more naked
than your bare skin,
even if you flew.
Do not let slip away
the revelation you
so fervently pledged.
Stepping in and out of time
you can be as fresh as dew.

To take off
or to stay is at stake;
nothing new.

At the heavens’ edge
a bittersweet clue.
Your memory
or just…
…your naked you.