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Böszörményi Zoltá

Far From Nothing – Vanda örök angolul



Far from nothing.

Exile Edition,

Toronto, 2006


Translator PAUL SOHAR 






Ripe with love, money, and power, the story of 35-year-old Rudolf—set in a fast-paced, urban environment—begs the question Do we only think we exist? Rudolf and his wife work day and night hoping for a better life—he is a philosophy graduate student and the manager of a car dealership. He also keeps up a heart-wrenching relationship with the chic Wanda. Then there is Nina, who studies logic but is secretly a prostitute, and Alfred, owner of a car-leasing company, seemingly upright, but actually an embezzler. Each character conceals something. Be it in Hungary or North America, the craving for existential clarity remains strong.




Valami, közelképből