Zoltán Böszörményi: The Conscience of Trees  (A fák lelkiismerete)

Zoltán Böszörményi: The Conscience of Trees (A fák lelkiismerete)

you must appeal to the conscience of trees / their calm is the sign of confidence / that you’ve coveted for ages / even with a budding mind
Two Poems by Zoltán Böszörményi

Two Poems by Zoltán Böszörményi

Translations from the Hungarian By Paul Sohar  
Majorana Taking Stock

Majorana Taking Stock

Done taking stock. / Nothing to add. / Blank white wall.


Dedicated to Lawrence Ferlinghetti on the occasion of his acceptance and subsequent rejection of the 2012 Janus Pannonius Poetry Prize awarded by the Hungarian PEN Club.

The Fragrance of Love (A szerelem illata)

A sweeping wind soaking everything / And drying its time-bandages on my back. / I’m undecided between dream and reality.
The Golden Tram III.

The Golden Tram III. (Aranyvillamos harmadik szakasz)

our Lord / if you are indeed / an invention of ours / and we are / creations of yours
The Golden Tram II.

The Golden Tram II. (Aranyvillamos második szakasz)

Blue-bleached clouds are / grazing over the camp / servantwinds scrub / the night clean / time sits around

The Golden Tram (Aranyvillamos)

this snowfall smarts / I’m in it up to my neck / waiting for you / since this morning

Title Suggestions (Címjavaslatok)

Europe reporting / a point made in several languages / Louis the 16th likes to go bowling / Mozart is taking music lessons

On Whirlpool Wings (Örvényszárnyon)

Where’s the Window (Hol az az ablak) / who’s there for me to turn to / where’s the window / that will / let me see / a lot more / than anyone else